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Quench thirsty skin. Instantly boosts hydration levels by 200% + locks in moisture on the surface of the skin. Add to any Regimen for even better results.

Size: 30 mL / 1.0 Fl. Oz. U.S.
Typical Use: Once daily, in the PM



Use nightly and adjust frequency and amount of serum based on your skin's needs. We recommend nightly use if you have oily or combination skin. The serum may be used twice daily (AM + PM) if you have dry skin.

Twist cap counter-clockwise to unlock and remove.

Push the top of the cap to pump one application of serum into your hand.

Apply product over face, avoiding upper eyelids.

Immediately follow with next step in your Regimen (Step 2 for Soothe, Spotless and Recharge, Step 3 for Redefine, Reverse and Unblemish).

Active Hydration Serum

  • What it is: A super-hydrating face serum that balances moisture levels and preps skin to better receive products applied after.

    Why you need it: Hydrated skin acts younger. This best selling serum transforms dry skin into younger-looking, younger-acting skin that maintains continuous hydration for up to eight hours*.

    *Based on an 8-day U.S. clinical and consumer study.

Eyelashes by Mayumi

Hawai'i Eyelash Salon

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